So, you’re a human immunologist? Why not spend some time socializing, networking, and sharing human immunology research results and ideas with other human immunologists? Here on the Human Immunology News events board, you will find a hand-selected list of conferences, congresses, symposia and other science events specifically relevant to human immunology researchers and medical professionals. You can also submit an event that you’d like to see added to the list or inquire about promoting your event to the subscribers of Human Immunology News. And while you’re at it, don’t forget to check out the events boards for Immune Regulation News and Immunology of Infectious Disease News!

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Event Name   Date   Location  
Keystone Symposia: Regulation and Dysregulation of Innate Immunity in Disease 2018-02-18 to 2018-02-22 Vancouver, British Columbia

United States

Event Name   Date   Location  
Keystone Symposia: T Cell Dysfunction, Cancer and Infection 2018-01-16 to 2018-01-20 Breckenridge, Colorado
Keystone Symposia: Translational Systems Immunology 2018-01-28 to 2018-02-01 Snowbird, Utah
Gordon Research Conferences: Plasminogen Activation and Extracellular Proteolysis 2018-02-11 to 2018-02-16 Ventura, California
Immunobiology of Primary and Metastatic CNS Cancer: Multidisciplinary Science to Advance Cancer Immunotherapy 2018-02-12 to 2018-02-18 San Diego, California
Gordon Research Conferences: Angiotensin 2018-02-18 to 2018-02-23 Ventura, California
Keystone Symposia: Aging, Inflammation and Immunity 2018-02-25 to 2018-03-01 Austin, Texas
Keystone Symposia: Immunological Memory: Innate, Adaptive and Beyond 2018-02-25 to 2018-03-01 Austin, Texas
Gordon Research Conferences: Biology of Acute Respiratory Infection 2018-03-18 to 2018-03-23 Ventura, California
World Vaccine Congress Washington 2018 2018-04-03 to 2018-04-05 Washington, D.C.
Keystone Symposia: Myeloid Cells 2018-04-08 to 2018-04-12 Breckenridge, Colorado
World Immunotherapy Congress USA 2018 2018-05-23 to 2018-05-24 San Diego, California
Gordon Research Conferences: Chemotactic Cytokines 2018-06-03 to 2018-06-08 Newry, Maine
Gordon Research Conferences: Immunochemistry and Immunobiology 2018-06-10 to 2018-06-15 West Dover, Vermont
Gordon Research Conferences: Lysosomes and Endocytosis 2018-06-17 to 2018-06-22 Andover, New Hampshire
Gordon Research Conferences: Cell Death 2018-08-05 to 2018-08-10 Newry, Maine
Gordon Research Conferences: Tissue Niches and Resident Stem Cells in Adult Epithelia 2018-08-19 to 2018-08-24 Waterville Valley, New Hampshire
Gordon Research Conferences: Extracellular Vesicles 2018-08-19 to 2018-08-24 Newry, Maine


Event Name   Date   Location  
Wellcome Genome Campus: Single Cell Biology 2018-03-06 to 2018-03-08 Hinxton, United Kingdom
Gordon Research Conferences: Lymphatics 2018-03-11 to 2018-03-16 Barga, Italy
Gordon Research Conferences: Autophagy in Stress, Development and Disease 2018-03-18 to 2018-03-23 Barga, Italy
World Congress on Osteoporosis, Osteoarthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases 2018-04-19 to 2018-04-22 Krakow, Poland
8th EACR-OECI Joint Course: Molecular Pathology Approach to Cancer 2018-06-04 to 2018-06-06 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Keystone Symposia: B Cells: Mechanisms in Immunity and Autoimmunity 2018-06-17 to 2018-06-21 Dresden, Germany
Cell Symposia: Translational Immunometabolism 2018-06-24 to 2018-06-26 Basel, Switzerland
EMBO-EMBL Symposia: Innate Immunity in Host-Pathogen Interactions 2018-06-24 to 2018-06-27 Heidelberg, Germany

Middle East to Asia Pacific

Event Name   Date   Location  
Cell-Weizmann Institute of Science Symposium: Next Gen Immunology 2018-02-11 to 2018-02-14 Rehovot, Israel
Eradicate Cancer 2018 2018-03-15 to 2018-03-17 Melbourne, Australia

South America, Central America and Africa

Event Name   Date   Location  


Event Name   Date   Location  
Keystone Symposia: Neuroinflammation: Causes, Concepts and Consequences 2017-12-12 to — Online