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Vol. 8.26 – 07 July, 2020

Dynamics in Protein Translation Sustaining T Cell Preparedness

Scientists investigated the dynamics of mRNA translation kinetics and protein turnover in human naive and activated T cells.
[Nature Immunology]

Use ImmunoCult™ to differentiate mouse CD4+ cells to Tregs.
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Transcriptional and Functional Analysis of CD1c+ Human Dendritic Cells Identifies a CD163+ Subset Priming CD8+CD103+ T Cells

Researchers identified circulating CD88CD1c+CD163+ denritic cells (DCs) as immediate precursors of inflammatory CD88CD14+CD1c+CD163+FcεRI+ DCs.

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Eosinophils Regulate Adipose Tissue Inflammation and Sustain Physical and Immunological Fitness in Old Age

The authors showed that adipose tissue eosinophils undergo major age-related changes in distribution and function associated with impaired adipose tissue homeostasis and systemic low-grade inflammation in both humans and mice.
[Nature Metabolism]


Engineering Monocyte/Macrophage-Specific Glucocerebrosidase Expression in Human Hematopoietic Stem Cells Using Genome Editing

The authors report an efficient CRISPR/Cas9-based approach that targeted glucocerebrosidase expression cassettes with a monocyte/macrophage-specific element to the CCR5 safe-harbor locus in human hematopoietic stem and progenitor cells.
[Nature Communications]

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Xenogenization of Tumor Cells by Fusogenic Exosomes in Tumor Microenvironment Ignites and Propagates Antitumor Immunity

Researchers suggested a previously unidentified method for xenogenizing tumors by using fusogenic exosomes to introduce fusogenic viral antigens onto the tumor cell surface.
[Science Advances]

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Identification of Human CD4+ T Cell Populations with Distinct Antitumor Activity

Of clinical importance, CD26high and TH17 cells engineered with a chimeric antigen receptor regressed large human tumors to a greater extent than enriched TH1 or TH2 cells.
[Science Advances]

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Longevity and Replenishment of Human Liver-Resident Memory T Cells and Mononuclear Phagocytes

Allografts were rapidly infiltrated by recipient leukocytes, which recapitulated the liver myeloid and lymphoid composition, and underwent partial reprogramming with acquisition of CD68/CD206 on MNPs and CD69/CD103 on T cells.
[Journal of Experimental Medicine]

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Preclinical Evaluation of CD8+ Anti-BCMA mRNA CAR T Cells for Treatment of Multiple Myeloma

Scientists developed a novel CD8+ CAR T-cell product, Descartes-08, with predictable pharmacokinetics for treatment of multiple myeloma. Descartes-08 was engineered by mRNA transfection to express anti-BCMA CAR for a defined length of time.


ERMAP Is a B7 Family-Related Molecule That Negatively Regulates T Cell and Macrophage Responses

Researchers identified erythroid membrane-associated protein (ERMAP) as a novel T cell inhibitory molecule. ERMAP shared significant sequence and structural homology with existing B7 family members in its extracellular domain.
[Cellular & Molecular Immunology]


Fewer Tumor-Specific PD-1+CD8+ TILs in High-Risk “Infiltrating” HPV− HNSCC

The tumor and TIL phenotypic characteristics of 134 HNSCC specimens were retrospectively analysed. HNSCC data from the Cancer Genome Atlas were analysed for CD8α, HPV and overall survival.
[British Journal of Cancer]


CXCL5 Promotes Gastric Cancer Metastasis by Inducing Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Activating Neutrophils

The authors report that the expression of CXCL5 was elevated in tumor tissues and positively associated with lymphatic metastasis and tumor differentiation.

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A Novel Humanized Mouse Model to Study the Function of Human Cutaneous Memory T Cells In Vivo in Human Skin

Scientists utilized immunodeficient NOD-scid IL2rγnull (NSG) mice that carried in vivo-generated engineered human skin (ES). ES was generated from human keratinocytes and fibroblasts and was initially devoid of skin-resident immune cells.
[Scientific Reports]

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Metabolism of Immune Cells in Cancer

Through the successes of checkpoint blockade and adoptive cellular therapy, immunotherapy has become an established treatment modality for cancer.
[Nature Reviews Cancer]


T Cell Antigen Discovery

The T cell receptors–peptide-MHC interaction mediates’ between a T cell and its target cell dictates its function and thereby influences its role in disease.
[Nature Metabolism]


Fc Gamma Receptors and Their Role in Antigen Uptake, Presentation, and T Cell Activation

Investigators cover the contribution of FcγRs to antigen-presentation with a focus on the intracellular trafficking of IgG-immune complexes and the pathways that support this function.
[Frontiers in Immunology]

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Cabaletta Bio and Artisan Bio Announce Gene Editing Research and Collaboration Agreement to Develop Next-Generation CAAR T Cell Therapies

Cabaletta Bio, Inc. announced they have signed a research and collaboration agreement to accelerate development of next-generation CAAR T cell therapies for patients with B cell-mediated autoimmune diseases.
[Calbetta Bio, Inc.]

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Initiative Recruits Scientist-Volunteers to Aid COVID-19 Research

In mid-March, as businesses and universities across Europe were shutting down in a bid to slow the COVID-19 pandemic, three longtime friends were talking about how they wished they could do something to combat the disease.
[The Scientist]



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