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Human Immunology News 3.36 September 15, 2015
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Researchers Report Sustained Remission after Treatment with Investigational Personalized Cellular Therapy in Patient with Multiple Myeloma
A multiple myeloma patient whose cancer had stopped responding after nine different treatment regimens experienced a complete remission after receiving an investigational personalized cellular therapy known as CTL019. [Press Release from the University of Pennsylvania discussing online publication in the New England Journal of Medicine] Press Release | Abstract
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Non-Classical Monocytes Display Inflammatory Features: Validation in Sepsis and Systemic Lupus Erythematous
Researchers demonstrated that ‘Classical’ monocytes are phagocytic with no inflammatory attributes; ‘Non-classical’ subtype display ‘inflammatory’ characteristics on activation and display properties for antigen presentation; and ‘Intermediate’ subtype that constitutes a very small percentage in circulation appear to be transitional monocytes that display both phagocytic and inflammatory function. [Sci Rep] Full Article

The Cellular Localization of Human Cytomegalovirus Glycoprotein Expression Greatly Influences the Frequency and Functional Phenotype of Specific CD4+ T Cell Responses
Investigators examined and contrasted the magnitude and phenotype of the T cell immune response against glycoprotein B, glycoprotein H, and glycoprotein L within healthy donors. [J Immunol] Abstract | Full Article

IL-10 Potentiates Differentiation of Human Induced Regulatory T Cells via STAT3 and Foxo1
Researchers showed that the presence of IL-10, in addition to TGF-β, leads to increased expansion of Foxp3+ induced regulatory T cells (Tregs) with enhanced CTLA-4 expression and suppressive capability, comparable to that of natural Tregs. [J Immunol] Abstract

Potential Role of the IL-33/ST2 Axis in Celiac Disease
Investigators measured serum levels and determined intestinal tissue expression of IL-33 and its receptor soluble ST2 in patients with celiac disease (CD) to investigate their association with disease activity. They showed that toxic peptides extracted from barley and wheat gliadin significantly stimulate the production of IL-33 and ST2 in cultured peripheral blood mononuclear cell from celiac patients, strongly implicating the IL-33/ST2 axis in the pathogenesis of CD. [Cell Mol Immunol] Abstract

Effects of Aging on Human Leukocytes (Part II): Immunophenotyping of Adaptive Immune B and T Cell Subsets
Scientists investigated alterations in the subpopulations of the B and T cells among 24 healthy young and 26 healthy elderly individuals. γδTCR+ T cells were overall decreased, while CD4+CD8 cells among γδTCR+ T cells were increased in the elderly. [Age (Dordr)] Abstract

Overexpression of CD45RA Isoforms in Carriers of the C77G Mutation Leads to Hyporeactivity of CD4+CD25highFoxp3+ Regulatory T Cells
Scientists used regulatory T-cells (Treg) from individuals carrying the C77G polymorphism as models to study the role of CD45 molecules in humans. Resting and in vitro expanded/activated CD4+CD25highFoxp3+ Treg from carriers of C77G strongly expressed CD45RA isoforms whereas these isoforms were almost absent in cells from individuals with wild-type CD45. [Genes Immun] Abstract

Effects of Arsenic Disulfide on Proliferation, Cytokine Production, and Frequencies of CD4+, CD8+, and Regulatory T Cells in Mitogen-Activated Human Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells
Effects of arsenic disulfide on proliferation, cytokine production, and frequencies of CD4+ T, CD8+ T and CD4+CD25+Foxp3+ regulatory T cells in mitogen-activated human peripheral blood mononuclear cells were examined. [Int Immunopharmacol] Abstract

Chimeric Antigen Receptor–Engineered T Cells as Oncolytic Virus Carriers
Researchers demonstrated that loading chimeric antigen receptor–engineered T cells with low doses of virus does not impact receptor expression or function in either murine or human T cells. Engineered T cells can deposit virus onto a variety of tumor targets, which can enhance the tumoricidal activity of the combination treatment. [Mol Ther Oncolytics] Full Article

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Molecular Pathways: At the Crossroads of Cancer Epigenetics and Immunotherapy
The authors summarize the immunomodulatory activities of epigenetic drugs that lead to improved immune recognition of cancer cells and focus on the potential of this class of agents in improving the anticancer activity of novel immunotherapies through combinatorial epigenetic immunotherapy approaches. [Clin Cancer Res] Abstract | Press Release

Emerging Strategies for Cancer Immunoprevention
Investigators explore known and potential various types of cancer prevention strategies and focus on nonvaccine-based cancer preventive strategies targeting the immune system at the early stages of tumorigenesis. [Oncogene] Abstract

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Enumeral to Present at the Inaugural International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference
Enumeral Biomedical Holdings, Inc. announced that they will present a poster titled “Human Tumor-Based Identification of Immune Checkpoint Targets.” [Press release from Enumeral Biomedical Holdings, Inc. discussing research to be presented at the CRI-CIMT-EATI-AACR – The Inaugural International Cancer Immunotherapy Conference, New York] Press Release

Cellular Biomedicine Group to Release CAR-T for Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Phase I Clinical Trial Data
Cellular Biomedicine Group Inc. (CBMG) announced a scheduled poster presentation. The presentation will detail PLAGH/CBMG’s Phase I clinical trial data using chimeric antigen receptor-modified T-Cells (CAR-T) targeting HER-1 for the treatment of patients with HER-1 expressing advanced relapsed/refractory non-small cell lung cancer. [Press release from Cellular Biomedicine Group Inc. (Globe Newswire, Inc.) discussing research to be presented at the European Cancer Congress (ECC), Vienna] Press Release

Merck to Present New Data at the European Cancer Congress 2015 Reinforcing the Company’s Patient-Centric Focus
Merck will present new data on early- and late-stage compounds from its refocused oncology and immuno-oncology pipeline, as well as Erbitux® (cetuximab) data. [Press release from Merck & Co., Inc. (CNW Group Ltd.) discussing research to be presented at the European Cancer Congress (ECC) 2015, Vienna] Press Release

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Antibody Network Partners with Celgene for Cancer Therapies
A new collaboration between Celgene Corp. and the Recombinant Antibody Network, a consortium comprising research groups from UC San Francisco, the University of Chicago and the University of Toronto, will support the development of next-generation, antibody-based cancer therapies. [UC San Francisco] Press Release

Seattle Children’s Research Institute Teams Up with bluebird bio to Pioneer Genome Editing and Gene Therapy Research in Pediatric Diseases
A new collaboration between Seattle Children’s Research Institute and bluebird bio, Inc. will allow researchers to develop potentially transformative gene therapies for severe genetic and rare diseases. [Seattle Children’s Research Institute] Press Release

Kite Pharma Expands Collaboration with Netherlands Cancer Institute
Kite Pharma, Inc. announced that it has expanded its collaboration with the Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI). Kite and the NKI have entered into an agreement under which Kite will receive from the NKI the exclusive option to license multiple T cell receptor gene sequences for the development and commercialization of cancer immunotherapy candidates targeting solid tumors. [Kite Pharma, Inc.] Press Release

Mayo Clinic Receives Large Federal Grant to Fund Clinical Test of Innovative Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Vaccine
Researchers on Mayo Clinic’s Florida campus have been awarded a $13.3 million, five-year federal grant to test a vaccine designed to prevent the recurrence of triple-negative breast cancer, a subset of breast cancer for which no there are no targeted therapies. [Mayo Clinic] Press Release | Video

UNC-Chapel Hill Researchers Awarded $11.3 Million for Cancer Nanotechnology Research
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers received an $11.3 million, five-year grant to conduct multiple studies exploring the use of tiny nanoparticles to create cancer vaccines and improve cancer drug delivery and responses. [University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill] Press Release

Baylor College of Medicine Receives Grant to Study Experimental Immunotherapy in HPV-Related Throat Cancer
Researchers at Baylor College of Medicine have received at $1.1 million grant from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to advance clinical studies of an experimental immunotherapy for human papillomavirus, or HPV, related throat cancer. [Baylor College of Medicine] Press Release

Madison Vaccines Says Clinical Trial Begins for Its 2nd Prostate Cancer Vaccine, MVI-118, Intended to Delay Disease Progression in Men with Metastatic Disease
Madison Vaccines Incorporated announced dosing has begun in a Phase I clinical trial for MVI-118 in men with metastatic prostate cancer who are initiating androgen deprivation therapy. [Madison Vaccines Incorporated (Business Wire)] Press Release
Hurdles in Therapy with Regulatory T Cells
Investigators report the stance of the European Union Cooperation in Science and Technology Action BM1305, “Action to Focus and Accelerate Cell-Based Tolerance-Inducing Therapies—A FACTT,” which identifies hurdles hindering regulatory T cell clinical applications in Europe and provide possible solutions. [Sci Transl Med] Editorial

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