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Human Immunology News 2.11 March 25, 2014
Human Immunology News
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Team Implants Human Innate Immune Cells in Mice
Researchers report that they have transplanted human innate immune cells into mouse models, which resulted in human immune responses. This groundbreaking study has reproduced human immune function at a level not seen previously, and could significantly improve the translation of knowledge gained from mouse studies into humans. [Press release from Yale University discussing online prepublication in Nature Biotechnology]
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Functional Analysis via Standardized Whole-Blood Stimulation Systems Defines the Boundaries of a Healthy Immune Response to Complex Stimuli
The authors have developed a suite of whole-blood, syringe-based assay systems that can be used to reproducibly assess induced innate or adaptive immune responses. By eliminating preanalytical errors associated with immune monitoring, the researchers defined the protein signatures induced by: medically relevant bacteria, fungi, and viruses; agonists specific for defined host sensors; clinically employed cytokines; and activators of T cell immunity. [Immunity] Abstract | Press Release

Recognition and Killing of Autologous, Primary Glioblastoma Tumor Cells by Human Cytomegalovirus pp65-Specific Cytotoxic T Cells
Researchers explored whether T cells stimulated by cytomegalovirus pp65 RNA-transfected dendritic cells target and eliminate autologous glioblastoma multiforme tumor cells in an antigen-specific manner. [Clin Cancer Res] Abstract

Invariant Natural Killer T Cells Developing in the Human Fetus Accumulate and Mature in the Small Intestine
Scientists showed that functional human fetal invariant natural killer T cells develop and differentiate in a tissue-specific manner during the second trimester. [Mucosal Immunol] Abstract

Manipulating the Expression of Chemokine Receptors Enhances Delivery and Activity of Cytokine-Induced Killer Cells
Human cytokine-induced killer cell expansions were examined for the level, profile and kinetics of chemokine receptor expression. [Br J Cancer] Abstract

Human Monocytes Respond to Extracellular cAMP through A2A and A2B Adenosine Receptors
Researchers tested the hypothesis that cAMP, acting as an extracellular mediator, affects the physiology and function of human myeloid cells. They found that human monocytes exposed to extracellular cAMP exhibit higher expression of CD14 and lower amount of MHC class I and class II molecules. [J Leukoc Biol] Abstract

Expansion and Preferential Activation of the CD14+CD16+ Monocyte Subset during Multiple Sclerosis
Little is known about how the two main monocyte subsets, CD14++CD16 and CD14+CD16+, are involved in multiple sclerosis (MS). To understand how the phenotype and responses of these monocyte subsets are altered during MS, total monocytes and the purified monocyte subsets from healthy subjects and MS patients were characterized ex vivo and stimulated in vitro with lipopolysaccharide. [Immunol Cell Biol] Abstract

Inverse Associations between Obesity Indicators and Thymic T-Cell Production Levels in Aging Atomic-Bomb Survivors
To test the hypothesis that obesity may contribute to the aging of human T-cell immunity, a thousand atomic-bomb survivors were examined for obesity status and ability to produce naive T cells, i.e., T-cell receptor excision circle numbers in CD4 and CD8 T cells. [PLoS One] Full Article

Peripheral Blood TIM-3 Positive NK and CD8+ T Cells throughout Pregnancy: TIM-3/Galectin-9 Interaction and Its Possible Role during Pregnancy
Researchers investigated the number, phenotype and functional activity of T-cell immunoglobulin and mucin domain (TIM)-3+ peripheral blood mononuclear cells during healthy human pregnancy. [PLoS One] Full Article

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Allergic Responses and Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Novel Pathway of Mast Cell Activation
The authors discuss the role that environmental factors and metabolic products, particularly acting on aryl hydrocarbon receptor-expressing mast cells, could have in the development of local allergic/atopic response. [Mol Immunol] Abstract

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2nd Annual Phacilitate Partnering for Biologic Emerging Markets
New Phase III Psoriasis Data Show Rapid, Significant Skin Clearance and Convenient Administration with Novartis’ Secukinumab (AIN457)
Novartis announced results from the pivotal Phase III FEATURE and JUNCTURE studies showing secukinumab (AIN457), an interleukin-17A inhibitor, demonstrated consistent high efficacy when administered with a convenient pre-filled syringe or autoinjector/pen. [Press release from Novartis AG discussing research presented at the 72nd Annual Meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology, Denver] Press Release

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Igenica Enrolls First Patient in Phase I Trial of IGN523 to Treat Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Igenica Biotherapeutics announced that the first patient has been dosed in a Phase I clinical trial of IGN523 in patients with relapsed or refractory acute myeloid leukemia (AML). The trial is designed to assess the safety, pharmacokinetics and clinical activity of IGN523, an antibody targeting CD98, a cell surface protein frequently overexpressed on AML cells. [Igenica, Inc.] Press Release

Investigational MAGE-A3 Antigen-Specific Cancer Immunotherapeutic Does Not Meet First Co-Primary Endpoints in MAGRIT, A Phase III Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Clinical Trial
GlaxoSmithKline plc announced that analysis of the MAGRIT trial, a Phase III trial of its MAGE-A3 cancer immunotherapeutic in non-small cell lung cancer patients, showed that the trial did not meet its first or second co-primary endpoint as it did not significantly extend disease-free survival when compared to placebo in either the overall MAGE-A3 positive population (first co-primary endpoint) or in those MAGE-A3-positive patients who did not receive chemotherapy (second co-primary endpoint). [GlaxoSmithKline plc] Press Release

Imugene Allowed Israel Patent for Cancer Vaccine
Australian biopharmaceutical company Imugene Limited has received notice that the Israeli Patent Office has issued an Intention to Grant for the company’s proprietary cancer vaccine HER-Vaxx. [Imugene Limited]
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April 27-30, 2014
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November 10-12, 2014
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