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The Clinical Impact of Humoral Immunity in Pediatric Renal Transplantation
Investigators studied the evolution of humoral immunity in low-risk pediatric patients during the first two years after renal transplantation. Using data from 130 pediatric renal transplant patients randomized to steroid-free or steroid-based immunosuppression, they correlated the presence of serum anti-HLA antibodies to donor HLA antigens and serum MHC class 1-related chain A antibody with both clinical outcomes and histology identified on protocol biopsies at 0, 6, 12, and 24 months. [JAMA-J Am Med Assoc]
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Intraepithelial Type 1 Innate Lymphoid Cells Are a Unique Subset of IL-12- and IL-15-Responsive IFN-γ-Producing Cells
Scientists characterized a human innate lymphoid cell 1 (ILC1) subset that produced interferon-γ (IFN-γ) in response to interleukin (IL)-12 and IL-15 and had a unique integrin profile, intraepithelial location, hallmarks of TGF-β imprinting, and a memory-activated phenotype. [Immunity] Abstract

Cetuximab-Activated Natural Killer (NK) and Dendritic Cells (DC) Collaborate to Trigger Tumor Antigen-Specific T Cell Immunity in Head and Neck Cancer Patients
Flow cytometry was performed to quantify EGFR-specific T cells in cetuximab-treated head and neck cancer (HNC) patients. The effect of cetuximab on NK cell, DC, and T cell activation was measured using IFN-γ release assays and flow cytometry. FcRγIIIa polymorphism did not predict clinical outcome in cetuximab-treated HNC patients, however elevated circulating EGFR853-861-specific CD8+ T cells were found in cetuximab-treated HNC patients. [Clin Cancer Res] Abstract

Rescue of Impaired NK Cell Activity in Hodgkin Lymphoma with Bispecific Antibodies In Vitro and in Patients
Scientists tested for functional natural killer (NK) cell defects in Hodgkin lymphoma (HL) and suggest an improvement of NK function by therapeutic means. They demonstrated that peripheral NK cells from patients with HL fail to eliminate HL cell lines in ex vivo killing assays. Impaired NK cell function correlated with elevated serum levels of soluble ligands for NK cell receptors NKp30 and NKG2D, factors known to constrict NK cell function. [Mol Ther] Full Article

Potential Contribution of a Novel Tax Epitope-Specific CD4+ T Cells to Graft-versus-Tax Effect in Adult T Cell Leukemia Patients after Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation
Scientists showed that Tax-specific CD4+ as well as CD8+ T cell responses were induced in some adult T cell leukemia/lymphoma patients following allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. [J Immunol] Abstract

The Different Immunoregulatory Functions on Dendritic Cells between Mesenchymal Stem Cells Derived from Bone Marrow of Patients with Low-Risk or High-Risk Myelodysplastic Syndromes
Researchers confirm that myelodysplastic syndrome-mesenchymal stem cells (MDS-MSC) mediate a potent inhibition of dendritic cells (DCs) differentiation. Additionally, MDS-MSC greatly alter DCs functions, including endocytosis, IL-12 secretion, their ability to inhibit T cell proliferation. Moreover, their results show that there are major differences in DC development and function between low-risk and high-risk MDS-MSC. [PLoS One] Full Article

The Ultra-Potent and Selective TLR8 Agonist VTX-294 Activates Human Newborn and Adult Leukocytes
The authors characterized the in vitro immuno-stimulatory activities of a novel benzazepine toll-like receptor 8 (TLR8) agonist, VTX-294, in comparison to imidazoquinolines that activate TLR8 (R-848; (TLR7/8) CL075; (TLR8/7)), with respect to activation of human newborn and adult leukocytes. [PLoS One]
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Characterization of Regulatory T Cells in Decidua of Miscarriage Cases with Abnormal or Normal Fetal Chromosomal Content
Decreased regulatory T (Treg) cells have been reported in cases of recurrent pregnancy loss. To understand the role of Treg cells in human pregnancy, researchers studied the frequency, localization and characterization of Treg cells in the decidua. The frequency of Foxp3+ cells among CD3+CD8 cells at the decidua basalis in cases of miscarriage with a normal embryo karyotype was significantly lower than in normally progressing pregnancies. However, those frequencies in miscarriage with an abnormal embryo karyotype were similar to normally progressing pregnancies. [J Reprod Immunol] Abstract | Full Article

Polyinosinic-Cytidylic Acid as an Adjuvant on Natural Killer- and Dendritic Cell-Mediated Antitumor Activities
Scientists examined the ability of E7(44-62) with polyinosinic-cytidylic acid to induce toll-like receptor 3 expression, tumor necrosis factor-alpha and interferon-gamma mRNA expression, and tumor cell-killing activity in human natural killer cells as well as its ability to induce CD11c and CD86 expression and proliferation in human dendritic cells. [Tumour Biol] Abstract

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B Cell Localization: Regulation by EBI2 and Its Oxysterol Ligand
The authors review the current findings that have delineated the function of EpsteinBarr virus-induced molecule 2 (EBI2) and its ligand and discuss how they collaborate with conventional lymphoid chemokine systems to position B cells optimally during immune responses. [Trends Immunol] Abstract
KaloBios Presents Clinical Results with Anti-GM-CSF Antibody in Persistent Asthma
KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, Inc. presented data from its Phase I/II study in persistent asthma for KB002. The findings demonstrated preliminary safety, tolerability, and signs of activity of anti-GM-CSF antibodies in asthma and support continued development of the company’s Humaneered® KB003 anti-GM-CSF monoclonal antibody in severe asthma. [Press release from KaloBios Pharmaceuticals, Inc. discussing research presented at the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Annual (AAAI) Meeting, San Antonio] Press Release

Sangamo Presents New Clinical Data Demonstrating Persistent Immune System Improvements after Treatment with ZFN Therapeutic® SB-728-T
Sangamo BioSciences, Inc. announced new data from its program to develop a ‘functional cure’ for HIV/AIDS in two presentations. The first presentation described data from the SB-728-T Phase I study demonstrating that SB-728-T treatment of HIV-infected subjects leads to durable reconstitution of the immune system driven by increases in total CD4+ central memory T-cells (TCM) and CCR5-protected TCM. Data were also presented from a research stage study. [Press release from Sangamo BioSciences, Inc. discussing research presented at the 20th Conference on Retroviruses and Opportunistic Infections (CROI), Atlanta] Press Release

Takeda and Resolve Therapeutics Enter Autoimmune Partnership

Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. and Resolve Therapeutics, LLC jointly announced that they have entered into a partnership to develop compounds for the treatment of lupus and other autoimmune diseases. [Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited] Press Release

BioLineRx’s EDP-14, for Treatment of Severe and Persistent Asthma, to Enter the Company’s Main Therapeutic Pipeline as BL-9010

BioLineRx announced that following promising pre-clinical data, EDP-14, for the treatment of severe and persistent asthma, has been added to the Company’s main therapeutic pipeline. [BioLineRx] Press Release

Advanced Cell Diagnostics Initiates Agreement to Study Biomarkers for Cancer Immunotherapy
Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc. (ACD) announced that they have entered into an agreement with The Johns Hopkins University on behalf of its Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins to use ACD’s proprietary RNAscope® technology platform to validate novel biomarkers and drug targets for cancer immunotherapy. [Advanced Cell Diagnostics, Inc.] Press Release


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April 5-8, 2013
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May 14-16, 2013
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